737 Leg 5 Carstensz Pyramid - Day 100

Hi Guys. Just got back to the hotel in Timika. We left the chief’s house at 4.30am this morning and caught the twin otter at 8am. First the breakfast buffet to try and put some weight back on! Then the pool to wash, as our room isn't ready till noon! Feeling a little beat up, but really looking forward to hooking up with Steve (Williams) and cracking on! Really enjoyed this leg and it was my first real test where it asked some serious questions, it was tough but totally awesome.

One of the guys went for a wee last night in the chief’s house and walked in on a group of Papuans around a big pot downstairs with some sort of animal in it! Seriously! After hearing that, I was happy to have my pee bottle! Ha! oh yeah, I had my clothes and boots stolen last night! Trousers, top, pants, socks (my last good pair!) and boots. All my wet gear from the trek back! Luckily I had another pair of trousers and my Scarpa approach shoes! The Indonesian people are really lush and it was a privilege to get a small insight into their culture. What an awesome leg of my challenge. I am really excited about the North Pole next as well.