Tour Divide Blog - Day 4

Day 1 on Friday I covered just over 170 km! The weather turned pretty bad so I decided to stay in a motel in Elkwood. The first day was epic - snow, rain, hail, sun, mud lots of mud, lots of climbing! Lots of broken bikes, but mine was awesome! I was shattered, but nowhere near as bad as I thought I would be!

Saturday was tough too, better weather but lots of climbing and gravel! Hard going. Sunday was just lots of climbing. We pulled a shorter day on Sunday, so that we can service our bodies and bikes for a big day on Monday through heavy bear country. I'm feeling good considering, but the obvious shock to my system hurts! My back is great, neck and shoulder sore and obviously my quads! The firefly’s are life saving with the lactate! I've seen lots of Bear poo...or skat as they call it! One massive pile of hair and blood, some inter animal politics! Ha! That was probably one of my faster sections! We passed so many guys on Sunday that were obviously in front of us but absolutely fu**ed from pushing too long. I'm confident we'll pull lots back over the next couple of weeks. Plus I'm only semi racing! ;-)