Yak Attack

The Yak Attack, held in Nepal, is considered the world’s highest mountain bike race. 

Taking place in the mighty Himalaya, comprising of 11 stages, covering 400km and with a total altitude gain of over 12,000m this race throws every obstacle under the sun at the adventurous riders daring to take it on.  Its 248 miles of some of the most brutal terrain on earth, from the hot and dusty lowland foothills to the snow covered, oxygen thin, Thorong La pass at an altitude of 5416m/17,769ft.

Richard loves cycling and has always used it as a key component in his training and expedition preparation.

The Yak Attack posed Richard with a unique challenge having only just returned from a 39-day solo R+D expedition in Antarctica 4 weeks before where he skied solo for 974km/605 miles.  Richard took on the world’s highest mountain bike on his Specialized Epic Marathon Carbon 29 mountain bike race having lost 16kg/2.5st and arrived at the start line far from his best.

Working closely with Dr Nicola Phillips and Sport Wales, The Yak Attack would create the foundations of a recovery and prehabilitation strategy that would prove crucial to Richard’s performance in his Antarctica Solo Speed Record expedition.

Being both physically and mentally exhausted, Richard and Nic used the extreme mountain bike race to turn the incredible performance challenge into a hugely valuable and enlightening experience.

Although Richard started the race far from his best, he became stronger every day and finished a credible midfield in a race of 33 experienced and professional riders.

When: 2nd March – 12th March 2013

Where: Nepal, The Himalayas.

Why: Training event for Antarctica Speed Record expedition.

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