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Anchored in Wales and powered by expertise from across Great Britain, ‘Team Quest’ is a collective of organisations and individuals who are motivated by human progress.

Our first collaborative project is an expedition to ski solo, unsupported and unassisted from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, with two aims: skiing one of the toughest polar expeditions on the planet as fast as possible and in doing so provide learning opportunities for both young people and business leaders, using adventure to inspire them to have the courage to think beyond boundaries.


Estimated Distance to Pole: 0km

Total Distance: 1030km

Altitude: 2840km

New British Record: 28 days (Hours and minutes to be confirmed)

In December 2019 Richard Parks returned to Antarctica to ski a 1150km/715m solo journey from Hercules Inlet on the geographical coastline of Antarctica to the South Pole.  

He is the current British record holder, having completed this journey in 2014 in a time of 29 days, 19 hours and 24 minutes. Richard was equally proud to be the first Welshman and, as far as we have been able to research, the first person of colour to have completed this epic journey solo, unassisted and unsupported.  

After the disappointment of last year, when Rich was forced to abandon his journey due to poor weather, his primary goal is to reach the pole.  With a bit of luck and some better weather, he hopes to ski faster than ever before!

If Rich completes this journey to the pole, he will have skied over 3700km (2300 miles) solo, unsupported and unassisted in Antarctica. 

The Team Quest project has involved 3 years of development, working with title partners, senior partners and many more stakeholders across multiple sectors. Collectively, Team Quest will be using the development, execution and legacy phases of this polar endeavour to create unique applied learning opportunities in both education and business sectors.

Being part of Team Quest is about having the courage to undertake your own adventure, whatever that may be, big or small. It’s about seeking out new ideas and collaborating with others. Above all, it’s a commitment to share our collective experiences and learning to enable others.

We hope you find inspiration to embark on your own adventure in 2019, big or small, becoming part of the wider #TeamQuest community.

Team Quest Title Partners

From the first conversation about Team Quest and this expedition, Cardiff Met had the vision to see the unique applied learning opportunities for students.  Students from Cardiff Metropolitan University have risen to the challenge, designing and manufacturing various components of Richard’s expedition equipment – from his polar sled to his food rations.  Uniting behind the Team Quest vision, staff throughout the University have collaborated across departments, busting silos, to create the student learning opportunities using Richard’s world-leading expedition.

Applied learning is at the core of Team Quest and as well as offering opportunities for students, this expedition brings to life a core value of Jones Lang LaSalle: to “achieve ambition”.  JLL and Richard will be collaborating to inspire excellence in leadership and teamwork throughout the organisation, using the unique insights from this project.  This partnership will enable the people of JLL world-wide to continue to go out there and make a difference.

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the Sony UK Technology Centre in Wales. The staff in Pencoed are a great example of the creativity, perseverance and efficiency of modern Welsh industry.  Once again Richard will be documenting this global adventure using camera equipment manufactured by the world leading Pencoed plant.  As Sony UK TEC’s Learning & Development Ambassador, Richard is passionate about sharing insight with today’s leaders and inspiring the next generation of leaders in Wales’ tech industry.

In the heart of Cardiff Bay, Techniquest is the capital of science and technology learning in Wales.  A key piece of the Team Quest jigsaw, Rich’s partnership with Techniquest will bring to life the legacy of the project for the young people of Wales and beyond.  In collaboration with Cardiff Met School of Education students, we will create an inspirational STEM education hub for schools, young children and adults to experience Antarctica.

There’s history to this expedition. In 2014 Richard became the fastest Briton and first Welshman to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole, leaving the continent in 2014, Richard always knew he’d be back. “I love Antarctica and I’m proud that the idea for Team Quest came from my expedition. However, what really excites me is that the Team Quest project is about more than my endeavour. It’s about using adventure to develop others and inspiring us all having the ambition, courage and opportunity to be our best.”

Richard Parks



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