737 Leg 7 Everest - Day 172

Hi guys, I got home yesterday from Kathmandu. I got upgraded to business class on the way home and was so excited about this that I hardly slept on the flight! I did attempt to lie flat and sleep for a bit but then started playing with the bed controls and it was too much fun! Ha! I watched lots of films, relaxed and ate 3 breakfasts. I was given a choice of Salmon Gravlax, Fresh Fruit and Lobster Omelette for breakfast so I said “what’s the chances of having all 3!!”

When I got home I slept for 16 hours, a mammoth sleep. Now it is all about finding out as much information as I can and getting as much advice as I can. I am seeing a vascular surgeon today about my toe and this week I will be getting more opinions off the best people. I’m seeing a various amount of experts in High Altitude medicine, frostbite and vascular surgery. Next week I will then be going to Jagged Globe in Sheffield (my expedition and logistical partner) and talking through all my options with Simon Lowe. I’m not making any decisions at present and am just doing everything I’ve been told to do to help the toe recover and taking in all the advice I am receiving from the best people. Next week I will be able to let you all know the plan but right now it’s all about rest and thinking things through.