Antarctica Blog - Day 28 - 14th January 2013 - AM


Yesterday was fu***ng savage.  Climbing, sastrugi and a headwind.  Was a brutal day.  I felt like I was wrestling with my pulk, with my mind, with my body, every metre of the 27.1km/16 miles I did yesterday.

It was really cold in the morning; I was constantly managing my fingers and toes to keep the blood flow.  I was working as hard as I could but I couldn’t generate enough heat, the longest stretch I skied continuously was half hour.  In between I was stopping and pulling my pulk over or through sastrugi.  I had a couple of falls yesterday as well but I am fine.  I was more worried about my skis and equipment but they are fine too.  I skied for 9½ hours but I was actually out for over 11 hours.  My GPS tells me time moving and time I’ve been out.

Legs are feeling heavy, just been stretching them and now I am gonna get going today.

A positive that came out of yesterday was that I crossed the 87th degree and despite being totally shattered I was really satisfied last night.