Antarctica Blog - Days 4 & 5 - 22nd December 2012

Yesterday was my best day so far, I covered 27.4km/17 miles and the going was good.  I was having trouble with the skins on my skis yesterday morning so I took them off and put on my spares and my new set were a little wider which made things better, just as much glide going forward and better grip.

Last night I noticed I have blisters on my left and right heel.  I am looking after them though, I’m on top of them and they are no worse today.

Today was my toughest day by far.  I woke up this morning and I was feeling really tired, my body was sore and I found it hard to get out of the sleeping bag.

The light was completely flat, conditions were poor and I was making really bad progress, fighting for every foot and because I wasn’t going very fast my pulk kept dropping in to all the sastrugi and I had to pull the pulk out of every bit of sastrugi, it was so demoralising.  There were no shadows, nothing to get a bearing on or follow a bearing and it was really slow going off my GPS.  I got really frustrated so I put my tent up, cut my cooking board up and made a chest harness for my GPS unit so I can navigate better, then I read some notes from people special to me and pulled my socks up and had a word with myself.

It’s the first time I have had to give myself a bit of a talking to.

The weather got better and I made good progress this afternoon so I skied on for longer today to make up the time.  I covered 25.4km/15 miles today and pretty much all of it was in the second half the day.

My muscles are really sore and it was always going to come I guess.  Surprisingly though I feel much better than I did this morning and I had beef and ale stew for dinner tonight which was amazing.  Tomorrow is going to be a better day.

Altitude wise, I’m at just under 800m so in the last 4 days I have climbed 600m.

Today was a bit of a milestone, I put the mountains from the coast in my rear view and there is now absolutely nothing on the horizon for 360 degrees.

I will continue to climb in altitude all the way to the polar plateau, which is at around 87 degrees.

Expedition total km/miles travelled to date:  119.2km/74 miles